About Machenike

About Machenike

Machenike Founded in June 2014, Machenike focuses on high-performance e-sports equipment and is dedicated to creating a full-scene application experience for game enthusiasts.

Adhering to the product development concept of “user interaction verification”, Machenike integrates global high-quality supply chain resources such as Intel, NVIDIA, Microsoft, constantly explore the e-sports game experience boundary for players, provide them e-sports products with pure game genes, super high ID design and powerful performance.

Over the past five years, Machenike have maintained a surprising growth rate and have achieved great success in the industry. In 2014, M510, the first game notebook produced based on the feedback from end users, achieved a remarkable performance of 1000 pcs sold out in 10 seconds, which shocked the industry. In 2018, the first full-screen game book F117-Break was launched, which opened a historic moment for the gaming notebook industry.

As a young and ambitious brand, in addition to continually iterating and expanding high-performance professional gaming notebooks, Machenike launched e-sports desktops, monitors, smart digital products and health care products in 2018. It not only creates a more immersive e-sports game experience for players, but also incorporates young fashion elements into products design, bringing even better experience to them.

Machenike is committed to creating an e-sports enthusiast culture, becoming the No.1 brand of "high-performance competitive equipment and game full-scene application experience" with great